Summer Trip If you want to see religious travel and adventure close to nature, then come to Banaras. Along with cultural-mythological-historical heritage, mood and food, religion-spirituality, art-culture, yoga-philosophy, whoever you are a fan of, you will find it all here. Mind will get freshness.

Forget the mountains, make plans for Banaras in the summer holidays, the mountain will only give a favor of coolness to the mind for two or four days. But the joy of holidays in Dharmanagari Kashi, the city of Baba Vishwanath, will refresh your body and mind. When the water of the Ganges flowing in the lap of the holy mother Ganga touches the body, it gets refreshed every ounce. In the evening, the Aarti of the Ganga Ghats brings freshness and peace to the heart and mind, then the food of Kashi will not be forgotten for many days. Are a bit religious and wish for a nature trip, then both will be enjoyed together here. No, these places are heart touching.

Morning - the wonderful shade of Vanaras

Bow your head to Baba Vishwanath and let the wonderful shade of Subah-e-Banaras shine through from the banks of the Uttarwahini Ganga wrapped around the neck of this city like a moon. If you are not satisfied standing on the ghat, then sit on a boat or cruise and see the mesmerizing view of the Ganges. On the other side, enjoy the fun-filled lifestyle at Juhu-Chowpatty, which is flourishing in the sand. To understand the city, roam the streets here and taste South Indian dishes including Kachori-Jalebi, Chaat-Pakora.

Baba's Darshan

After visiting Baba, moving ahead just a few kilometers on the Asi road, you will see the Durgakund temple and the samadhi of Saint Bhaskaranand in Anand Bagh. Nearby Sankatmochan, Tridev Temple and BHU Vishwanath Temple will be a delight to visit. If you come in Savan, near Durga temple, Ramcharit Manas and Radha-Krishna's life episodes, Manas temple will give you a wonderful feeling.

The body and mind will be happy with the aarti of the ghats of the Ganges.

Roaming in the ghats and streets, within a radius of just four to five kilometers, one can see the cultures of the whole of India. All this will also be seen in the temples associated with it. Meanwhile, seeing the grand view of divine aarti of Ganga at Assi and Dr. RP Ghat in the morning and at Dashashwamedh Ghat in the evening, the body and mind will be filled with the flow of spiritual Ganga.


We can understand from Sarnath, the first preaching place of Mahatma Buddha. Only 40 percent of the tourists coming from the country and the world come here every year. Specially, the day will be spent in visiting Buddhist archaeological ruins and museum, Chaukhandi and Dhamekh Stupa, Kargyurd sect as well as Buddhist temples of Japan, Tibet, China and Thai.